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Thursday, 23 February 2017

what we have now...

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" [...] the first chapter in Donald Trump’s story, as he tells it today, expresses nothing like Bush’s gentle nostalgia or Obama’s curiosity. Instead, it is saturated with a sense of danger and a need for toughness: The world cannot be trusted.
     Fred Trump made a fortune building, owning, and managing apartment complexes in Queens and Brooklyn. On weekends, he would occasionally take one or two of his children along to inspect buildings. 'He would drag me around with him while he collected small rents in tough sections of Brooklyn,' Donald recalls in Crippled America. 'It’s not fun being a landlord. You have to be tough.' On one such trip, Donald asked Fred why he always stood to the side of the tenant’s door after ringing the bell. 'Because sometimes they shoot right through the door,' his father replied. While Fred’s response may have been an exaggeration, it reflected his worldview. [...]"
— Dan P. McAdams, The Atlantic

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