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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

through the eyes of babes

Image Credits: Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.

“As a special thank-you for all the veterans who sacrificed so much for our country, they [Really Big Coloring Books] have re-issued their best-selling Ted Cruz coloring book alongside an 8-page coloring book 'short' that shows the makings of a true American hero - Ted Cruz, of course. […]
     Cruz is a hero for fighting against the evil hydra of Obamacare. Health insurance is the number one threat to citizens of America, alongside illegal immigration, high taxes, lawlessness and injustice.
     Of course, the story of Ted Cruz the superhero also ends in the White House in 2016. He hath slayethed the dreaded hydra.”
Crooks and Liars
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“The Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI) has published a kids' book on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that purports to give kids 'a closer look at biotechnology. You will see that biotechnology is being used to figure out how to: 1) grow more food; 2) help the environment; and 3) grow more nutritious food that improves our health.'
     If that book doesn't appeal to you, you could try a nanotechnology coloring book made by a company that produces such things as 'colloidal silver nanoparticles' used in antibacterial products that find their way into the water supply and can be poisonous to the human system. It compares nanotechnologies like these silvers to ‘the smell of baking cookies.’ […]
     As [The Center for Media and Democracy] CMD's PRWatch has reported, industries and their front groups ‘target ... America's teachers and, ultimately, our children ... trying to justify everything from deforestation to extinction of species. ... Surreptitious public relations campaigns and deceptive advertising are battling today for the hearts and minds of our children.’
     John Borowski, an environmental science teacher, reported that teachers at the 2000 National Science Teachers Convention were ‘quickly filling their bags with curricula as corrosive as the pesticides that the Farm Bureau promotes.’
     Twelve years haven't changed the way spinmeisters operate. Corporate propaganda like this is distributed online, handed out at conferences and fairs where these corporations, agencies, and their front groups exhibit, as well as at teachers' conventions like Borowski describes.”
— Rebekah Wilce, sott.net
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From: US Holocaust Memorial Museum; europe-isreal.org

“One page of an antisemitic coloring book widely distributed to children with a portrait of a Jew drawn by the German caricaturist known as Fips. […]”
PROPAGANDA, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
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