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Friday, 10 February 2012

no bad puns about clowns, please

"For a mere $1,750, the Clone Factory will take a digital 3D model of your head, print it out on a 3D printer, and just like that you have a horrifying 20-inch doll that looks exactly like you. Once your mini head is ready, you may chose a body and an outfit for your tiny monstrosity. Many customers prefer a look that represents a special event, weddings being the most popular, although anything from a sailor outfit to a stormtrooper body is available."
From: Atlas Obscura

"One writer notes that 'genetic engineering has the potential to create a vast army of identical clones, each produced to some preset specification. Canon fodder, scientists, opera singers, all could be manufactured to order…' The New York Times has editorialized, 'Life is special, and humans even more so, but biological machines are still machines that now can be altered, cloned, and patented.' –(Do you realize that between the lines they are talking about bionic robotoids–the robots that are now being created to take the place of people in high places?!) And the chilling idea that human-like machines will be produced that will not be treated as anything but machines. That is a chilling thought too."

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