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Thursday, 23 February 2012

dog years

"Chinese chef Wang Wei Min shows off cooked dog paws [...]" Foreign Policy

"Louise invited 80 guests to the lavish ceremony to watch Lola tie the knot with Mugly a Chinese Crested, who holds the title of the UKs ugliest dog after first winning the accolade in 2005.
     The bash was held in an outdoor marquee in the grounds of a mansion in Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex, costing £2,500 for the venue alone.
     She also spent an incredible £1000 on decorative flowers, £3000 on designers to decorate the marquee, £400 for her own personal wedding planner, and even £400 for security guards."
The Telegraph

"The world's population is burning through the planet's resources at such a reckless rate – about 28 per cent more last year - it will eventually cause environmental havoc, said the Worldwatch Institute, a US think-tank. [...]
     The average American consumes more than his or her weight in products each day, many US two year-olds can recognise the McDonald’s 'Golden Arches' sign, although they cannot read the letter, and an average western family spends more on their pet than by someone trying to live in Bangladesh. [...]
     At current consumption rates, 200 square metres of solar panels a second and 24 wind turbines every hour were needed to be built to satisfy energy levels. [...]
— Andrew Hough, The Telegraph

"[...] Today, the world spends $49 billion (U.S.) on pet food every year. If half of that amount were added to current annual spending on maternal and child health, the child death rate could be cut nearly in half."
— Caroline Riseboro, The Star

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