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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

anchor baby, eh?

Source images: thecarconnection; CofA Pundit
“The United States’ neighbors to the north sent the Texas senator [Ted Cruz] a certificate a few days ago [June, 2014] showing he has renounced his citizenship in Canada — nearly 10 months after he said he would do so.
     Cruz, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, had learned from The Dallas Morning News that he also became a citizen of Canada 'the moment he was born' in Calgary to an American mother. He gave the news first to the DMN, as promised.
     'The senator is pleased to have this process finalized,' Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told USA TODAY.
     The question of Cruz’s citizenship was potentially a problem as he visited early presidential states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — prompting headlines about a possible 2016 bid.
     The U.S. Constitution states only a 'natural born' citizen can be president, and that has been interpreted over the years to include Americans born overseas to an American parent — such as George Romney, born in Mexico to Mormon missionaries.”
— Catalina Camia, ONPOLITICS
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“The process of rejecting the maple leaf forever requires four pages of paperwork and a $100 fee.
     Being born somewhere other than in the physical United States did not bar the presidential candidacy of George Romney, Mitt Romney’s Mexican-born father, whose grandparents moved from Utah to Mexico in the 19th century because of a crackdown on polygamists. Barry Goldwater was born in the Arizona Territory, before there was a state of Arizona. John McCain was born to a military couple serving in the Panama Canal.
     [US] Liberal pundits are already gleeful about Cruz’s Canadian birth. Barack Obama, who was incontrovertibly born in Hawaii, the 50th state, has been bedeviled by obsessive 'birthers' who claim he can’t be a natural-born citizen, as the Constitution requires of presidents, because his father was not an American citizen. These are the same people who paradoxically complain that citizenship is automatically conferred on 'anchor babies' — their term for children born on U.S. soil to Mexican women who enter this country illegally.”
— Patt Morrison, Los Angeles Times
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