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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

killing me softly (PART II)

Photo: Michael Hale

“I watched The Duke of Burgundy with someone who experiences ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), whereby certain stimuli that brush against the threshold of nonexistence create a tingling sensation in one’s upper body; it’s said to be pleasant. Some typical ASMR triggers — which have become something of a YouTube phenomenon — include running water, the rustling or crunching of leaves, personal attention (like being measured, getting one’s hair cut), and whispering, all of which are used in hypnotically controlling repetition by writer/director Peter Strickland throughout the film. Strickland also adds some new triggers to the mix, such as popping soap bubbles, and, more strangely, the high-frequency sounds certain moths’ genitals make to confuse approaching, echolocating bats.”
— Moze Halperin, flavor wire
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“For me, one key ingredient always produces the ASMR sensation: specific behavior or mannerisms of other people while they are engaged in rather ordinary tasks, such as giving directions on how to do something, handling objects, or just speaking. These tasks are known as triggers to people in the ASMR community. Here are some examples of triggers that stimulate the ASMR response for me:

Watching someone draw or paint (especially if they are narrating the drawing/painting process)

Listening to the narration or reading of a story

Watching someone gently scratch something or other movements of the hands and feet

Having my face painted

Being asked questions by a doctor

Having my ears checked

Having my breathing monitored with a stethoscope (like when the doctor says “take a deep breath”)

Being instructed on how to do a task such as homework problems or how to do something on a computer.”

— Devon King, Charged Magazine
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