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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

the new dark ages (part 3)

Michelangelo's Saint Anthony Tormented by Demons
"Televangelist Pat Robertson recently made headlines for suggesting that homosexuality may be driven by 'demonic possession.' In recent years, Robertson has labeled a wide (and frequently bizarre) range of things as demonic, including: feng shui, yoga, karate, horoscopes, Twilight, paintings of Buddha, television shows about ghosts, Halloween, psychics, young girls levitating their friends at sleepovers, and (sometimes) adopted children from other countries."
— Ben Dimiero & Oliver Willis, County Fair/Media Matters

"Demonic possession is a very rare phenomenon. Although it happens more often that people realize, it is still considered rare. Science has swept away much of what used to be considered demonic possession. Diseases of the mind such as Schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome and various forms of psychosis were once regarded as sure-fire signs that diabolical infestation was taking place. We have come a long way over the years and many of the people suffering from the above diseases can live active lives while on medication. Many use this as proof that possession does not exist. After all, some reason, science has proven that it does not exist.
     The Church fuels this line of thinking today. In this modern era, the Church seeks to write off the devil as a concept, as opposed to being an intelligent force. However, it is flawed thinking. For openers, science does not have close to all the answers and science is always changing. What we once believed as scientific fact now comes under scrutiny itself. In addition to that, there are some very unusual manifestations that take place in demonic possession. These things cannot be explained by science and they offer no cure for them either."
— Tom Cooney, FSPP

"The following is a guide for the extraction and maintenance of unclean spirits of all types. It is designed to assist people during moments of critical spiritual attack and its aftermath. If followed, it will deliver you from the attacks of unclean spirits, and put you under the covering and protection of the Lord Jesus Christ.
     1. If you are being attacked in a dream or in person by a demon, devil, incubus, succubus, Satan, unclean spirit, unclean bird or alien, immediately cry out the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and plead the Blood of the Lamb of God. If you have the mind, say the following: 'The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth bind, rebuke you. The Lord Adonai rebuke you. I claim the Blood of the Lamb, the shed Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, that you leave. In the Name of Jesus get out!' Repeat until it leaves. It will leave.
     If you don't have the mind, let's just say you are in a complete panic or overwhelmed with a total oppressive paralyzing terror, say: 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...' Repeat for effect. This will absolutely work. [...]
     It should also be noted that calling on the name of Solomon, Mohammed, Buddha, or Krishna is not effective. You must be specific. Use the name above all names: Jesus Christ of Nazaerth the lamb of God. Trust me on this one. An exorcism or an attack is not the place to be experimenting with names. Use Jesus Christ. He will help you.
     Never use the name of Mohammed! Mohammed and Muslims would consider that blasphemy anyway. We love Muslims and we do not want to offend them, as Paul (1 Timothy 1:13), what they do, they do in ignorance and in unbelief. Muslims are probably covered under the mercy of the Lord like Paul. Muslims can be saved like Paul also. 'There is only One God and He is God.' according to the Koran. Muslims may in fact invite jinnies of suicide, terror, and mayhem in order to conduct Jihad."
— Chris Ward, Logos Christian Fellowship

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